The next meeting of
Acle Parish Council
is on Monday, 30th April 2018
At Acle Methodist Hall
At 7.00 pm – Refreshments from 6.45 pm

Before the meeting begins, there will be time for public participation and district/county councillor reports. 

  1. To consider Apologies for Absence
  2. To receive Declarations of Interest in Items on the Agenda and to consider Requests for a Dispensation
  3. To confirm Minutes of the Meeting held on 26th March 2018
  4. To report Matters Arising from the previous minutes, for information only
  5. To consider Correspondence, including:

i)                   A request for funding for the Acle Community Gym

ii)                 Agreement for the delegated management of the public toilets

  1. To comment on Planning Applications
  2. To raise Highways Matters
  3. To receive a report from the Recreation Centre Trustees
  4. To consider updates (if any) on Current Projects:


 CPO for Cemetery Land


Parking in the village

Youth club

No Cold Calling Zones


Portacabin for archive, preschool and Acle Soc.

Refill Project

WW1 Commemorative event funding

Resilience Plan – generator point


Acle Regatta

Record Office

  1. To consider Data Protection documents
  2. To review the Investment Policy
  3. To receive Finance Report and approve Invoices for Payment
  4. To raise Matters for the Next Meeting                                             
  5. To confirm the date of the next Parish Council meeting –  Monday, 21st May 2018


Pauline James, Parish clerk – 24th April 2018


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